Key Research Themes

Quantum Simulation

Quantum simulators are engineered quantum matter with well understood and controllable microphysics and good diagnostics that capture important elements of a more complex and difficult-to-diagnose quantum system. They are special-purpose quantum computers designed to solve or discover salient aspects of the more complex system such as a phase diagram or ground-state energy. This broad area is a great strength within the Rice community.

Quantum-engineered devices such as quantum simulators will provide some of the first transformative results of the quantum information age: critical insights into complex quantum systems and processes beyond classical computational reach.

Rice University is ranked in the top ten nationally in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics and researchers from this discipline focus on quantum simulation and quantum computing based on ultracold matter.

Quantum Matter

Rice researchers are extremely visible and admired in the studies of quantum matter, i.e. systems whose properties can only be explained by quantum theory, including ultracold atomic gases and quantum materials.

Quantum materials are a long-term strength at Rice, and this broad class of systems presents opportunities for both quantum information processing and quantum sensing.

Quantum Algorithms

Coherently controlling quantum matter to produce entangled states and enable quantum technologies is a major developing theme of 21st century science.

This is a core strength at Rice, whose atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics program is ranked in the top-10, and this can be connected to computer science departments at Rice (top-20) and UT (top-10) and additional PIs in math and engineering to realize the potential of quantum computation to solve previously intractable problems.