2010 Colloquium Winners

Prior to 2011, the Colloquium was comprised of only multiple oral sessions throughout the day for graduate and postdoc presentations and one poster session for undergraduates. In 2010, the oral sessions were divided by area of research: Condensed Matter; Biophysics; Carbon Nanostructures; Photonics (2 sessions); Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics; and Imaging and Spectroscopy.


Condensed Matter

RQI Award - $250
T. Arikawa (Electrical & Computer Engineering) - "Terahertz Coherent Control of a Landau-Quantized Two-Dimensional Electron Gas" with J. L. Reno, W. Pan, and J. Kono

RQI Award - $250
I. Knez (Physics & Astronomy) - “Towards Quantum Spin Hall Effect in InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells" with R. R. Du and G. Sullivan


RQI Award - $250
Wuen-shiu Chen (Physics & Astronomy) - “Direct Observation of Multiple Overstretching Pathways of Single-Stranded DNA" with Wei-Hung Chen, Zephan Chen, L. Ashton, A. Gooding, Kuan-Jiuh Lin, and Ching-Hwa Kiang

Carbon Nanostructures

RQI Award - $250
E. H. Haroz (Electrical & Computer Engineering) - “Resonant Raman Scattering Behavior of G-Band Phonon in Armchair-Enriched Carbon Nanotube Suspensions" with J. G. Duque, W. D. Rice, S. K. Doorn, and J. Kono

RQI Award - $250
Saunab Ghosh (Chemistry) - "Advanced Sorting of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Nonlinear Density-Gradient Ultracentrifugation" with Sergei M. Bachilo and R. Bruce Weisman


Shell Award - $500
Kui Bao (Physics & Astronomy) - "Self-Assembled Plasmonic Nanoparticle Clusters" with Jonathan A. Fan, Chih-hui Wu, Jiming Bao, Rizia Bardhan, Naomi J. Halas, Vinothan N. Manoharan, Peter Nordlander, Gennday Shvets, and Federico Capasso

RQI Award - $250
Yu Zhang (Physics & Astronomy) - “Tuning Second Harmonic Generation by an Individual Nanocup" with Nathaniel K. Grady, Ciceron Orozco, and Naomi J. Halas

RQI Award - $250
D. R. Ward (Physics & Astronomy) - “Vibrational and Electronic Heating in Molecular Nanojunctions" with D. A. Corley, J. M. Tour, and D. Natelson

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

Micron Award - $500
Brendan Wyker (Physics & Astronomy) - "Encoding and Decoding Phase Information in High-n Circular Wave Packets" with S. Ye, T. McKinney, F. B. Dunning, C. O Reinhold, S. Yoshida, and J. Burgdorfer

RQI Award - $250
J. A. Castro (Physics & Astronomy) - “Ion Acoustic Waves in Ultracold Neutral Plasmas" with P. McQuillen and T.C. Killian


Texas Instruments Award - $500
N. Hashem (NanoJapan) - “Spin-Dependent Tunneling Characteristics of CO2MnSi-Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with COFe and Fe Insertion Layers" with T. Tiara, G. F. Li, and M. Yamamoto

Texas Instruments Award - $250
K. Smithe (NanoJapan) - “Characterization of Phosphorus Deposition onto Silicon [111] 7X7 Nanostructures for Applications in Quantum Computing" with T. Arai, R. Tomita, and K. Itoh

RQI Award - $250
G. Bond (IGERT) - “Electron Transport and Photoluminescence Studies of Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes" with S. Nano and J. Kono