2012 Colloquium Winners


Smalley Institute Nanoscience Award - $500
David Solis (Applied Physics) - “Electromagnetic Energy Transport in Nanoparticle Chains via Dark Plasmon Modes" with Britian Willingham, Scott L. Nauert, Liane S. Slaughter, Jana Olson, Pattanawit Swanglap, Aniruddha Paul, Wei-Shun Chang, and Stephan Link

Micron Award - $500
Mark Knight (Electrical & Computer Engineering) - “Hot Electron Plasmonics" with Heidar Sobhani, Yumin Wang, Peter Nordlander, and Naomi Halas

Schlumberger Award - $250
Pedro M. Duarte (Physics & Astronomy) - “Quantum Simulations with Ultracold Fermionic Atoms in an Optical Lattice" with Russell Hart, Tsung-Lin Yang, and Randall G. Hulet


Kuraray Award - $500
Ignacia Calles (REU) - “Synthesis of Collagen Mimetic Peptides" with Lesley O'Leary and Jeffrey Hartgerink

Texas Instruments Prize - $250
Grace K. Meikle (NanoJapan) - “Growth of Long, Highly-Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for THz Spectroscopy" with Taiki Inoue, Daisuke Hasegawa, and Saifullah Badar

TeraNano PIRE Prize - $250
Mitchell Trafford (NanoJapan) - “Low Temperature THz Photo-conductivity and Mesoscopic Conductance Fluctuations in Graphene" with Y. Kawano, J. Bird, T. Kuga, D. Suzuki, H. Ramamoorthy, and A. Somphonsane

Honorable Mention
Aren Siekmeier (NanoJapan) – “Carbon Nanotube Capture by AC Dielectrophoresis for the Fabrication of a Thin Film Transistor and Investigation of Its Properties by Scanning Gate Microscopy" with Xiaojun Wei, Masahiro Matsunaga, Yuichi Ochiai, and Nobuyuki Aoki


Texas Instruments Award - $500
Brian J. DeSalvo (Physics & Astronomy) - “Controlling Condensate Collapse and Expansion with an Optical Feshbach Resonance" with M. Yan, B. Ramachandhran, H. Pu, and T.C. Killian

RQI Award - $250
William Rice (Electrical & Computer Engineering) - “Terahertz-Induced Exciton Shelving and Intra-Excitonic Scattering" with Sabine Zybell, Stephan Winnerl, Harald Schneider, Manfred Helm, Likas Schneebeli, Benjamin Breddermann, Mackillo Kira, Stephan W. Koch, and Junichiro Kono

SPIE Award - $150
Shaunak Mukherjee (Electrical & Computer Engineering) - “Plasmon-Induced Photocatalytic Dissociation of H2 and Au/TiO2" with Nicolas Large, Oara Neumann, Lisa Brown, Britt Lassiter, Na Liu, Peter Nordlander, and Naomi Halas