2013 Colloquium Winners


RQI Award - $500
Lisa V. Brown (Chemistry) - “Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption (SEIRA) Spectroscopy using Fan-Shaped Antennas with Bullseye Gratings” with K. Zhao, P. Nordlander, and N. J. Halas

Halliburton Award - $250
Lydia Kisley (Chemistry) - “Super-­resolution Imaging by Motion Blur Points Accumulation for Imaging in Nanoscale Topography (mbPAINT)” with J. Chen, B. Shuang, S. Dominguez-Medina, A. P. Mansur, A. B. Enriquez, S. Link, and C. F. Landes

Graphene Platform Award - $250
Jana Olson (Chemistry) - “The Plasmonic Pixel: Polarization Switching of Nanorod Plasmons” with B. Zhang, J. Chen, W. S. Chang, M. Knight, N. Halas, and S. Link

National Instruments Award - LabView Student License
David Tam (Physics & Astronomy) - “Quantum Billiards: Kicking, Ricocheting, Splitting, and Recombination of a Bose-Einstein Condensate Soliton” with P. Dyke, J. Nguyen, A. Blinova, and R. G. Hulet


Kuraray Award - $500
Dante Zakhidov (NanoJapan) - “Edge-Enriched Graphitic Anodes by KOH Activation for Higher Rate Capability Lithium Ion Batteries” with R. Sugamata, T. Yasue, T. Hayashi, Y. A. Kim, and M. Endo

NanoJapan Prize - $500
Phong T. Vo (Physics & Astronomy) - “Superconductivity in Doped Sc-In Systems” with E. Svanidze, and E. Morosan

NanoJapan Prize - $250
Luke White (REU) - “Controlling the 'Stickiness' and Electronic Properties of Graphene by Doping” with A. Kutana, and B. I. Yakobson

National Instruments Award - LabView Student License
Sridhar Srivdvatha (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) – “Enhanced Field Emission Properties from Carbon Nanotube Arrays Synthesized Using Inconel” with S. Srividya, G. Liehui, H. Amelia, O. Sehmus, L. Sidong, R. Vajtai, and P. M. Ajayan


Session 2A Awards:

Smalley Institute Award - $500
Qi Zhang (Applied Physics) - “Coherent Terahertz Magneto-spectroscopy of Ultrahigh-Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Gases” with J. L. Reno, W. Pan, J. D. Watson, M. J. Manfra, and J. Kono

RQI Award - $250
Fangfang Wen (Chemistry) - “Plasmon Transmutation: Inducing New Modes in Nanoclusters by Adding Dielectric x`Nanoparticles” with J. Ye, N. Liu, P. Van Dorpe, P. Nordlander, and N. J. Halas

Session 2B Awards:

Micron Award - $500
Sergio Dominguez-Medina (Chemistry) - “Preventing Nanoparticle Aggregation under Harsh Environmental Conditions with a Protein Monolayer” with J. Blankenburg, J. Olson, C. F. Landes, and S. Link

Smalley Institute Award - $500
Navid Sakhavan (Civil & Environmental Engineering) - “Pillared Boron Nitride: Mechano- and Thermo-Mutable Anisotropy of a Three-Dimensional Reticulated Nanostructure” with R. Shahsavari

Note: The Graduate Poster Session 2B are equal because of a tie for the top spot.