Postdoctoral Research Associates

Named Fellowships

Carl and Lillian Illig Fellowship

Peter M. & Ruth L. Nicholas Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nanotechnology

J. Evans Attwell Welch Postdoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral research associates are at a very special place in a scientist’s career: transitioning from graduate student to full-fledged autonomous researcher; in charge of a research program but not yet burdened by the chore of grant writing; and in the process of laying out what their career will look like in the near future. The Smalley-Curl Institute periodically makes the above two-year Named Postdoctoral Research Associate positions available to exceptional scientists who have recently earned their doctoral degree in any area of science and engineering and who want to pursue their multidisciplinary research  at Rice University under the supervision of SCI members. 

Interested candidates should contact relevant SCI faculty to inquire about potential opportunities and sponsored research projects. A list of current SCI members may be found here.

Awarded Fellowships

Click here to see a list of previous and current postdoctoral research associates.

Activities and Professional Development

At the Smalley-Curl Institute, we contribute to the establishment of the tightly knit intellectual community that characterizes Rice University. To encourage our science and technology postdocs to be a part of this inclusive community, SCI hosts periodic luncheons in which all Rice Science & Engineering postdoctoral associates can participate, get to know each other, and become familiar with each other's work. Rice faculty are also invited to selected luncheons to talk about relevant topics for postdocs. Additionally, we are organizing a career development workshop that will address these and related issues in more detail.

For information on our next Postdoctoral Research Associates Luncheon, please see our Events page.

Current postdocs can also search for resources, workshops, and mentoring activities at the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies and their GPS Postdoc Blog.