Smalley-Curl Innovative Research Graduate Fellowship

SCInnovate Fellowship 2021-22 Recipients HERE


Smalley-Curl Innovative Research Graduate Fellowship

The Smalley-Curl Institute is proud to announce the establishment of the Smalley-Curl Innovative Research Graduate Fellowship for students enrolled in the Applied Physics Program.

  • Two Fellowships will be available annually
  • Each Fellow will receive $10,000 for one year
  • The award will consist of $8,000 to be added to the graduate student's existing salary and $2,000 for expenditures and travel
  • Applicants shall present a research proposal of truly innovative character
  • Awardees will be selected by a faculty committee on the basis of academic excellence and of the innovative potential of the applicant’s proposed research.

Eligibility and nomination process

  1. A nominee must have a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.50 and should represent a truly outstanding student. Additionally, the student needs to be eligible for a Rice University graduate appointment for the entire year. This would exclude those students who will exceed their term of funding eligibility limit at any time during the year of the award. The nominated student will normally have completed at least one full year of graduate study at Rice University before the upcoming fall term.
  2. A student must be recommended for the award by their graduate advisor.
  3. To nominate a student, the advisor must upload the complete nomination packet as a single PDF file (containing the following four documents) no later than 5 P.M. on Friday, March 26, 2021. Please use the following naming convention for the nomination packet: First and last name of student (e.g., RufusPutnum.pdf).
    • A scanned copy of the completed/signed nomination form.
    • A project plan. This must include a description of the background, aims, methodologies (if appropriate), and anticipated outcomes of this project. The student should clearly explain her/his primary goals during the year she/he would receive this funding. The proposal should be written in language understandable to an informed layperson to assist in the review process. The plan should be no more than two pages single-spaced, 12-point font. One additional page may be included for references, images or models.
    • A 2-page CV.
    • Three (3) Letters of Support: A nomination letter from the student's primary advisor and two (2) letters of recommendation from other faculty members (each letter should be no more than two (2) pages in length).
  4. Once you have the four required documents combined as a single PDF file, please attach the single PDF to an email addressed to