Kavli Foundation Workshops

Quantum Sensing, December 9 - 10, 2019

Biosciences Research Collaborative Building, Main Auditorium

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Day 1 (Monday December 9)

8:00 AM Breakfast and Check-in
8:45 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Session 1: Atoms as Sensors
Session Chair: Randall Hulet, Professor, Physics & Astronomy Rice University
9:00 AM
Holger Müller, Associate Professor, University of California at Berkeley
“Atom Interferometers for Fundamental Physics””
9:45 AM
Jim Shaffer, Senior Fellow, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab
“Rydberg Atom-based Electromagnetic Field Sensing and Detection”
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Fredrik Fatemi, Branch Chief for Quantum Sciences, Army Research Laboratory
“Quantum Information and Sensing at the Army Research Laboratory”
11:30 AM
Markus Oberthaler, Professor, University of Heidelberg (Germany)
“Quantum Atom Optics: Entanglement & the Ultimate Trace Analysis at the Single Atom Level”
12:15 PM
Roundtable discussion
12:45 PM
Session 2: Materials, Color Centers
Session Chair: Gururaj Viveka Naik, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Rice University
2:00 PM
Ron Walsworth, Professor, University of Maryland; Senior Physicist, Smithsonian Institution
“Quantum Diamond Sensors”
2:45 PM
Matt Trusheim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“The Next Generation of Quantum Sensors in Diamond”
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
Jean-François Roch, ENS Paris-Saclay, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton (France)
“NV Color Centers in Diamond as Quantum Sensors for Extreme Conditions”
4:30 PM
Bob Hamers, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“NV Centers in Diamond as Reporters for Chemical Sensing”
5:15 PM
Roundtable discussion
5:45 PM
Reception and Poster Session

Day 2 (Tuesday December 10)

8:00 AM
Check-in and Breakfast
Session 3: More on Atoms, NV Centers, and Quantum Photonics
Session Chair: Kaden Hazzard, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy Rice University
9:00 AM
Frank Narducci, Associate Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
“A Dual Atom Beam Accelerometer Gyroscope and T3 Scaling in Atom Interferometers”
9:45 AM
Friedemann Reinhard, Walter Schottky Institute, Technical University of Munich (Germany)
“What is Wrong with Ensemble Sensors”
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Andrew Weiner, Professor, Purdue University
“Frequency Domain Quantum Photonics”
11:30 AM
Randall Hulet, Professor, Rice University
"S and P Wave Fermions in One-Dimension"
12:15 PM
Roundtable discussion
12:45 PM
Final remarks + Lunch